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Street Cups DVD and book

by Gazzo

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: DVD

Product Description

Gazzo is one of the world's legendary street performers. In this ENORMOUS three hour DVD, Gazzo demonstrates and teaches his famous Street Cups routine. This is THE money-making routine Gazzo uses to close all of his street shows. You'll learn everything from placement of the wand to where to stand. You'll learn the moves, the misdirection, the subtleties, and all the presentation tips.

Gazzo teaches you how to do it, and then he teaches you why to do it that way. This is a tried and tested routine. It's being brought to you by way of the streets after over 20 years of live performance experience. Every action in the routine has a purpose. Nothing is left to chance.

First, Gazzo takes you on a tour of his equipment -- The Table Top, The Stand, The Poacher's Pouch, The Gazzo Cups, The Balls, The Hat, etc. Gazzo says, "Professionals can't afford cheap props."

Next, he walks you through the entire routine -- The Beginning Phase, The Middle Phase, and The Final Loads. He even walks you through the wand spin!

Finally, Gazzo invites you to sit in on a teach-in with fellow street pro Guy Collins. Guy is a juggler who is just starting to learn Gazzo's routine. You'll see Gazzo teaching Guy and walking him through the entire routine, correcting any mistakes and explaining why each move is done a certain way.

But, without question, the hi-light of the DVD is the MASSIVE one hour performance section. This is one of the best live street performance sequences ever captured. You'll see how Gazzo interacts with his spectators, how he builds the routine toward the finale, and how he encourages a massive hat.

The passionate student of the cups and balls will find this an invaluable resource.

On the Menu-
  • Over one hour of live performance footage!
  • Full in-depth explanation of the routine!
  • Performance by Gazzo's student, Billy Kidd Angles Section featuring head-on and ceiling cam. Use the angle button on your remote to switch angles.
  • Teach-in with street performer Guy Collins.

Running Time Approximately 3hr 8min

Date Added: Oct 23rd, 2006
MLA SKU: ytuuH632GFYxpBh


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March 9th, 2010 1:31am
Reviewed by Joe Diamond
Note From Joe:

I wrote this review as a user on the site, and before I was asked to become an official reviewer here. This DVD was a gift from a friend. As a consumer, I was not obligated to view the whole DVD to form an opinion about it.

This review is NOT among my official reviews. As an official reviewer, I will view all content that is presented to me for review.


I didn't even make it to the explanation of the routine. There was no need to. You see every single load. Now, the people on the street were still amazed, because they don't get the big picture like the camera does. I understand this, but it's no excuse for the painful performances we are subjected to.

Everyone I talked to about this DVD claimed it was an 'education.' These are people who do this act word for word, move for move, joke for joke. I'll never do the routine, but I think I still got an education.

All these performances teach you is... [Read More]
3 of 3 registered users have found this review helpful.
January 24th, 2012 10:42am
Reviewed by Robbie Ryan
This routine is amazing. it is designed for the lay person, not magicians, so if you are not fooled by this trick, i am not surprised. After 2 days of practice i tried it out on my friends, and they were beyond shocked when i produced an orange! This is very entertaining and you can learn a lot about the cups and balls. A must have.
November 18th, 2015 10:39pm
Reviewed by Stephen
Hello, this is supposedly a lesson on the cups and balls. It is produced by Penguin Magic which means the quality is great.

The live performances are not the best, but I guess it depends on your style of comedy. He teaches the trick first, and then has a magician who hasn't performed the cups and balls before perform it and critiques her. Then he teaches a juggler friend and critiques him as well.

His teaching is well taught. He teaches the classic Vernon cups and balls, and then he teaches his loading sequence. finally he puts his hat down and a big melon is produced. It is good for a beginner, but a experienced magician would find it quite a review. With that in mind there are a couple of good tips. He goes over what to get from table, to wand, to cups.

The ad is all true, nothing I could see was not honest.

So if you like the cups and balls I'd recommend it.

Note:this is designed for laymen and will not fool magicians most likely.

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