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Magic Archetypes: The Art Behind the Science of Conjuring

by Craig Conley

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Categories: Bizarre, Philosophy, History
Media Type: Book
Publisher: LuLu

Product Description

Stage illusionists and amateur conjurors play out a mythic story, told through the deep symbolism underlying their age-old magic tricks and tools: the top hat, cups and balls, escape trunk, linking rings, white dove and rabbit, wand, handcuffs, restored ropes and papers, multiplying coins, etc. This book explores how magical props, as symbols, point beyond themselves to the larger mystery.

Magic Archetypes is a picto-poetic history of magic predating Robert Houdin’s Scientific School of conjuring, recalling the ancient Mystery School traditions. Told by artists from the 700s - 1600s who were influenced by the iconography of even earlier ages, this history is an initiation into the deeper aspects of magic: the meaning in the art beyond clever trickery, the archetypes at play since time immemorial. A fascinating, enlightening companion for professional illusionists, amateur conjurors, and art lovers intrigued by the power of archetypes.

Softbound, 127 pages, fully illustrated.


“Craig Conley’s Magic Archetypes is a feast for the eye and the mind. A marvelous read!” ”Eugene Burger, author of Mastering the Art of Magic

“Magic Archetypes is a lavishly illustrated tome filled with thought-provoking visual concepts and captioned ideas intended to prod the reader to unleash the creative self.” ”Joe Lantiere, author of The Magician’s Wand

“A treat for the eye as well as the mind.” ”Robert Neale, author of The Magic Mirror

“Recommended!” ”Jeff McBride, author of The Mystery School Book
Date Added: Jan 5th, 2006
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Official Review

February 1st, 2006 3:36pm
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
Conley's book, Magic Archetypes: The Art Behind the Science of Conjuring, is a delightful, but somewhat difficult, book to review. It's easy to dismiss the book at first glance, it consists of just over 100 pages of old drawings and interesting typography, and really there aren't very many words in the book because several pages consisting of nothing but images. It covers no tricks, no gaffes, and not a single sleight. Yet, its one of the most magical books I've ever read for it does contain several secrets; secrets which are hundreds of years old and largely overlooked by modern magicians. But like most things worth knowing, these secrets will only reveal themselves to the open minded and thoughtful reader.

Still with me? Then you might be the kind of magician who will enjoy this book. If you're already familiar with the magical archetypes of the Trickster, Sorcerer, Oracle, and Sage; as discussed in Mystery... [Read More]

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