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Killer Kitson Miracle DVD

by Bob Sheets

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Categories: Close Up, Gambling
Media Type: DVD

Product Description

The killer Kitson Miracle is Bob Sheets powerful and entertaining routine for Patrick Page's Three-Card Monte.

You're doing walk-around surrounded at a corporate function, and everyone has a gooey spare-rib in one hand and a drink in the other. You don't have a table to set anything down on and you don't want them touching anything, and you still want to be effective.

Bang. The Killer Kitson Miracle.

One high impact, short attention span theater piece for the real world worker.

"There are rules. You never let them touch the cards, and if they were stupid enough to bet, you'd take all their money.

"The reason they never touch the cards is because they are mechanical trick cards designed to do tricks without any skill or practice." RIGHT.

The Svengali Pitch meets the Polaroid card for one powerful entertaining routine that repeats and will be one of the most talked about effects in your walk-around set.

The cards -- hand made. The routine--polished by 20 years of real performance . The hysterical script makes this the one routine you can depend on to KILL!

Date Added: Sep 20th, 2005


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April 22nd, 2010 5:05pm
Reviewed by makaplan
A moderately difficult routine that the average magician can master with a couple of hours practice. The presentation shown is OK but rambles and is too hyper for my tastes. The original Patrick Page version is slightly more difficult but replacement sets can be easily made and the routine is as good. Bob's requires specially made cards and replacements will need to be bought. The props will stand up to repeated use. If it fits your personality, it is easy to carry, instantly resets and is puzzling. I had Bob make a special set for me that allows me to do a different presentation. If you don't want the extra practice that Page's requires and you want a quick, one surprise after another routine, this will meet that need.

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