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Hang 'em High DVD

by Bob Sheets

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Category: Comedy
Media Type: DVD

Product Description

Not only do you get the incredible Rope Thru Body and all of it's jokes and handling. You also get performance tips and routines for Insomnia, the Idiot's Rope Trick, and a Killer Cards Across routine! Hey, you'll have a whole act just from this DVD....Hang 'Em High!

Here is the Bob Sheets performance and explanation of "Hang em High", the rope thru the body routine! You saw it on the Travel Channel special, Magic in the Streets. A Full 9 Minute live show performed at Magic Island and Bob's routines for Cards Across, Insomnia, the Idiot Rope Trick and Bob's Rope thru Body "Hang em High". The patter, jokes and touches that have made this routine a stand out winner in Bob's own performance since 1983. A "Tarbell Rope Gimmick" is required to perform the Hang 'em High routine.

Date Added: Apr 30th, 2005
MLA SKU: xjICzi56q4yT6Di


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July 17th, 2006 10:37am
Reviewed by Paul White
I don't have the DVD but I do have Bob Sheet's Rope Through the Body. It is a very clean and visual rope through the body effect. Simple to form and very magical when done correctly. I highly recommend it and can only imagine that the DVD would be good. Even if the DVD only had the one effect on it, it would be worth the investment.

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