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Christian Chelman Video (VHS)

by Christian Chelman

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Video Tape (VHS)
Publisher: International Magic

Product Description

Christian Chelman hit the magical world by storm when he won the International Close-up Magic Competition in 1993. since then, he has published a book, lectured throughout the world, and here he is featured on video.

Whether you are new to the magic of Christian Chelman, or whether you are familiar with his brand of direct powerful magic and quirky humour, you will want this video!

After performing some very strong close up routines, Chelman introduces what he calls "The Blitz Move".

Based on the powerful (but often misunderstood) Hofzinser Cull, Chelman clearly explains the vast number of incredible card routines which are possible with just one easy move!

Four aces are lost in the deck in the cleanest possible manner, and immediately located. a selected card and its three mates rise to the top of the deck previously shuffled by the spectator! Two jokers trap a selected card, then changes into two other selections!

Immediate palming of selected cards. which would never even be suspected, are all taught on this video. an incredibly clean card to wallet. second-from-the-top palms. card forces. colour changing cards. single and multiple card switches. all from one easy yet powerful move.

As well as being a great magician, Chelman is a natural and engaging teacher, and however much you know about card magic, you will improve dramatically by studying this video.

(Duration approximately 70 minutes)
Available in PAL & American VHS (NTSC)
Date Added: Jan 16th, 2004


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