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Preparation for a Manipulative Act Volume 1 DVD

by Geoffrey Buckingham

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Category: Manipulation
Media Type: DVD
Publisher: L&L Publishing

Product Description

If magic is a universal language, then manipulative magic is, perhaps, its purest expression. Transcending language and cultural barriers, the manipulator creates a visual fantasy immediately appreciated by all audiences. In this very special video presentation, you'll receive a rare in-depth look into the real inside secrets of a master manipulator as Geoffrey Buckingham dissects his award-winning act for the cameras. You'll see the preparation, the loads, the steals and finally, the act that took Geoffrey Buckingham around the world to grace some of the world's most prestigious stages.
The Doubling Silk
Billiard Ball Silk Penetration
Single Thimble Silk Penetration
Multiple Thimble Silk Penetration
Thimble Thumb Palm
Multiple Thimble Palms
Preparing for the Act
The Waistband Billiard Ball Holder
The Drop Steal Billiard Ball Holder
Setting Up a Group of Coins for a Steal
The Direct Steal Coin Holder
The Simple Thimble Holder
The Burling Hull Billiard Ball Holder
Loading the Coat
Rolling a Silk
Manipulator's Lotion
Dressing the Stage
Completing the Costume
The Award-Winning Act
General Magic (Volume Two)

Learn some of magic's most revered classic effects as Geoffrey Buckingham teaches his favorite routines. Suitable for almost every venue, these masterpieces of magic have stood the test of time and now they can be yours - complete with all the added touches only a seasoned professional like Geoffrey Buckingham can provide.
Cards To Pocket • Torn and Restored Card • Gypsy Thread • You Do As I Do • Comedy Rope Trick

Date Added: Oct 15th, 2003


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