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Wrist Stock Escape

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Category: Escapes
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

The apparatus resembles an old-fashioned pair of wooden stocks which can be examined. Two ropes are threaded through eyelets in the stocks and these can be held by two spectators throughout. The magician has his wrists secured in the stocks and the catch placed over. Next two pad locks are placed through the stocks to securely lock them. Keyholes in padlocks can be sealed if desired or borrowed padlocks used. A large cloth is thrown over the stocks and magician’s wrists ... spectators hang on to the ropes to ensure that there is nothing funny - phoney happening - but within a second you are free! You bring your both hands to view and show that the stocks are still fastened, the pad locks are still locked, still sealed. You have made a miraculous escape under impossible conditions. In another presentation you can have a bell, tambourine etc., placed on your lap. You are seated centre stage. Within a moment of a cloth being placed over your wrists the bell rings and is thrown from under the cloth, the tambourine rattles, finally your hands appear free from the stocks.
Remember that in all the presentations spectators hold the rope throughout to prevent deception. The stocks can be examined.
Date Added: May 13th, 2003


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