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Flower Basket

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Category: Stage
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

For anyone looking for a quick opener, here is the ideal thing. it is infallible in working, indetectable in presentation.
It is a skeleton type basket with a wide mesh, so that you can easily see through it. In any case the performer shows it all round inside and out. Never was anything so completely free from deception. INSTANTANEOUSLY IT BECOMES FILLED TO OVERFLOWING WITH PRETTY FLOWERS!
It can be covered for a moment with a borrowed hat it you wish - this makes it look as if the flowers come from the spectator's hat, it can be brushed with a silk at the moment of production - BUT NO COVERING IS NECESSARY TO PERFORM THE TRICK EFFECTIVELY!
One Handed. Entirely Mechanical. Never Fails. Cannot go wrong. A genuinely recommended item.
Date Added: May 15th, 2003


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