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Finger Fantasies Video (PAL)

by Yedid, Meir

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Category: General
Media Type: Video Tape (PAL)
Publisher: Meir Yedid

Product Description

The act that won two Society of American Magician's Close Up Magic Competitions and their coveted Originality Award. This is the first video devoted to finger magic. It contains Meir Yedid's award winning Finger Fantasies act, the most incredible, impromptu routine ever seen. Your pinkie, ring finger, middle finger and your index finger all vanish and reappear at will. Make your pinkie telescope into your palm, your thumb travels up and down your arm, take a knife and cut off one of your fingers, etc. As seen on Comedy Tonight, The Paul Daniels Show, Saturday Night Live and more.
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003


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