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Total Destiny

by Yedid, Meir

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Category: Mentalism
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

Based on the work of Walter Gibson, Maurice Kraitchik, Mel Stover and Phil Goldstein. Holding a plastic board with a grid full of numbers, a spectator names any of the numbers. It is circled and some of the numbers around it are erased. A second and third spectator each names a number and it too is circled and the numbers around it are erased. One number is left and that becomes your free selection. All four selected numbers are added up and the total matches a previously introduced prediction. Can be repeated with an unlimited number of totals. The prediction can be mailed to your audience weeks in advance. Can be customized to match just about any total. Self-working, learned in minutes, and suitable for close-up, stand-up and stage. Comes complete with a 16-page illustrated booklet, the Total Destiny board and a dry erase marker. Also includes Phil

Goldstein's Rainbow Matrix and Force Majeur.
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003


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January 8th, 2003 12:39am
Reviewed by Ford Kross
Meir Yedid always has interesting items to offer. The latest I've been playing with is Total Destiny. Many of you are familiar with the idea of showing a grid of numbers. An audience member selects one, you circle it and cross out all the other numbers in the same row and column. This is done four times, leaving you with four circled numbers. You add these together and the total is your force number. I don't understand the math, but I've been using it in one form or another since I read about it in a Sam Dalaal publication. According to the instructions, there are contributions by Mel Stover, Walter Gibson ,Phil Goldstein and others. Included in the instructions are grids that will force 20 different numbers. These require the numbers being written out on the grid in advance or an excellent memory system. But Meir includes Force Majeur by Goldstein, which allows you to complete the grid in front of your audience. . Also included is Goldsteins Rainbow Matrix from Phil's Violet... [Read More]

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