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by Oliver Pont

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Olivier Magic Prod

Product Description

Are you ready to change the rules? Introducing REDSTORE, a new way to perform the Torn and Restored Card!

The spectator selects a card, which you fold and both of you sign. Tear the card to remove a corner. Now, in a blink of an eye, the corner changes color! From BLUE to RED or from RED to BLUE, the almost automatic gimmick will allow you to do the 2 versions!

But this is not the end! With the signature always visible, you place the different-colored corner on the card, and you reattach it! You can now give the card to the spectator as a souvenir, and their signature will be on the reattached corner. INCREDIBLE!

Level of skill required: Beginner

TWO trailers are available here. One shows what the spectators will remember. The other shows the whole routine so you can see that all the moves are easy, and are indeed possible in reality.

Try a new way to perform this old classic, and with almost no manipulation! Ready to use 2 versions in one gimmick Entire routine explained Signed card is examinable Easy to do and extremely visual
Date Added: Oct 19th, 2017
MLA SKU: 59e84d7469040


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