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Double Pocket Money Production/Vanish Change Foulard

by Ickle Pickle

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Ickle Pickle Products, Inc.

Product Description

This foulard will enable you to perform miracles that will mystify your audience!

Fold it, place an item inside the fold, and upon unfolding, the item has vanished or has transformed into something else!

There are so many uses for this utility prop. For example: Put white slips of paper inside, and when unfolded, the paper has turned into dollar bills! Then, you can additionally have coins appear! Tear up a bill and restore it. Have a spectator select a card, which you place back into the deck. Hand them a blank card. They then drop the blank card into the foulard. Ask the spectator to reach into the foulard - magically, the blank card changes into their selected card! Place a silk into the bag and have it change colors. Blow up a small balloon. Place it in the foulard and pop it by poking a pin through the material. You can then product a large silk the color of the balloon! Show that the foulard is empty. Let your imagination soar and come up with other mind-blowing effects!
Date Added: Oct 19th, 2017
MLA SKU: 59e84d7435c49


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