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Magic Spinner 2.0

by Happy, Bond Lee & Magic8

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Lee Jah Bond

Product Description

The great Magic Spinner got even better!

Now this upgraded version allows magicians to reveal any message desired! Created by Happy, an underground artist from China.

Imagine the following:

- Perform incredible mental routines
- Reveal predictions in an impossible manner
- The message can be changed in real time
- Easy to perform
- Extremely visual
- Endless possibilities

The best part is that the Fidget Spinner can start clean and end clean!

A sample routine:

1. The audience examines the Fidget Spinner thoroughly. The spinner has arrays of lit LEDs.
2. The audience chooses a card freely.
3. The magician holds the spinner and the LEDs do not display anything magical - yet!
4. While the spinner is spinning, the chosen card suddenly appears in the array of light.
5. When the spinner is no longer in motion, the magician hands out the spinner to the audience for examination, but the message no longer appears.

Dazzle your audience with Magic Spinner 2.0!
Date Added: Sep 30th, 2017
MLA SKU: 59cf40f56b127


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