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Ultra Torch to Cane (A.I.S.)

by Bond Lee & ZF Magic

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Lee Jah Bond

Product Description

Grab immediate attention when you enter the stage! Audiences will be amazed to see a torch suddenly in flames without its being lit. And then to turn into a cane? Wow!

Ultra Cane has been one of our best-selling items for years. Now it is even better with this twist. It is an innovation of the classic effect, torch to cane:

- Auto Ignition System (A.I.S.), entirely mechanical and highly reliable
- No flash cotton/string needed
- Quick set-up and self-contained
- Detachable version is available
- Various colors are available
- Extra accessories are available

Best used as an opening for your stage act. We have made this effect more affordable to professional performers and magic enthusiasts.
Date Added: Sep 21st, 2017
MLA SKU: 59c3637876dba


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