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by Carey, John

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: DVD
Publisher: RSVP - Russ Stevens

Product Description

John Carey is back with a brand new collection of powerful and practical card and close up magic. Streamlined in a way he has become respected for, John shares 15 commercial effects on this new DVD!

No pipe dreams, just very strong doable effects with cards, a coin and even a commercial sponge ball routine!

1. Backs to the Wall. John's take on the classic All Backs routine. An ideal opener that's funny, magical and strong.
2. Bluff Cull/Ensemble. Want to be able to cull say the Aces from a spectator's shuffled deck sleightlessly? Well now you can!
3. Three Phase Daley. A beautifully direct 3 phase approach to a classic card routine.
4. Mental Sandwich. A highly efficient and very strong sandwich routine involving a thought of card and two jokers. Super simple but elegant and powerful.
5. Sent and Received! John's homage to Dai Vernon and his fabulous emotional reaction routine. Makes the spectator the star.
6. Top, Middle and Bottom! A hands off divination and stunning revelation of a selected card wrapped in a very funny premise.
7. Slow Motion Triumph. A beautiful slow motion small packet triumph effect that's perfect for strolling work.
8. Telekinetic. A delightful card mystery wrapped in a presentation about telekinesis. The spectator is the star once again at the climax!
9. Splitsville! A super quick and slick progressive production of the Aces! Minimum of moves, maximum effect.
10. Homage to Bannon. Carey's variation of a great John Bannon sandwich effect called fat city.
11. Whispers. Watch and learn John's super efficient and memorable approach to the classic whisperers effect. Oh and the finish will make you smile!
12. Assisted Ambitions. Carey's small packet ambitious card was designed for real world usage. A minimum of moves with maximum effect.
13. Invisible Interlude. One of John's absolute favorites to perform. Another great strolling piece!
14. Two's Company And? Carey does sponge balls! A very quick and smooth multi phased routine using two little used sponge ball moves and some lovely routining.
15. One Card and One Thought... Finally, join John as he shares this delightful card mystery inspired by the work of Al Leech. A perfect effect for a couple involving a mystery card, a thought of card and a premise of connections.

Running time: 1 hour 48 minutes
Date Added: Feb 24th, 2016
MLA SKU: 56cd63060c838


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Official Review

December 8th, 2016 9:45am
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
John Carey at one point was a bit of an underground guy in the world of magic, but over the past few years he has put out some great DVDs and books which have brought him into the arena of major players. Some magicians like his stuff, others do not. Most of his stuff is rather easy to do and do not require knuckle-busting sleights to perform, most of them capping off in the intermediate range as far as difficulty goes. Just like with some of the self-working material out there, this does not mean the effects are weak and in fact, they are not and many of them play strongly.

The collection of 15 effects on this DVD are no exception. Normally I do not break down each effect on discs like this as to whether they are any good or not (because I may not like them, but you might, making my opinion irrelevant) but I will discuss each one in relation to their inspirations and practicality.

Backs to the Wall is a decent version of the All-Backs plot which does not use gaffs. Comparitively... [Read More]

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