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by Jonathan Levit

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Category: Close Up
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Jonathan Levit's original coin matrix. This is my signature closer to my close up act.

David Regal says "A graceful, commercial matrix with a surprise climax that devastates audiences and deeply burns magicians."

This routine has been my closer for years and it absolutely kills! I am asked, often, to perform this routine and it has become a favorite for my audiences. This is a fully constructed routine, with many (many) magical moments and surprises.

Please note: This routine requires the use of a gaffed coin which you may already own. If you would like more information before you purchase, please feel free to email me at and I'll be happy to answer any questions for you.

Date Added: Jul 20th, 2015
MLA SKU: 55acfb842e047


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Official Review

August 19th, 2015 9:31am
Reviewed by James Sanden
Jonathan Levit has a talent for taking classic effects and, in his hands, making them extraordinary performance pieces. He has done so again with his recent release, “Un-Matrix,” a handling of the Matrix plot. There are several elements that set Mr. Levit’s handling apart from other versions. First, it’s very deceptive, even to astute observers. The method is extremely clever and all the sneaky stuff is done on the offbeat, under well-crafted misdirection, with none of the standard, potentially suspicious moves. The effect is also crystal clear, with each vanish and appearance being surprising and magical.

As with Mr. Levit’s other releases, the construction of the routine itself offers lessons applicable to any effect, including the use of time misdirection, cancellation of method, as well as acting and performance as misdirection. One of his strongest skills is the ability to layer a method in order to accomplish several goals in one moment. This can be seen... [Read More]
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