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Appearing Cane (Metal / Black & White)

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Categories: Stage, Manipulation
Media Types: Trick, Video Download
Publisher: Taiwan Ben Magic Shop

Product Description

This is the best cane on the market today. Materials, craftsmanship and smooth action sets this cane apart from the rest! Each cane is hand inspected before going out.

The package includes the Appearing Cane with online detailed Instructional Video.

Video Contents:

How to prepare the Appearing Cane Methods
Wave Silk To Cane
Toss Silk To Cane
Fist Silk to Cane
Spin Silk to Cane
Fire Silk to Cane
Confetti to Cane
Date Added: May 15th, 2015
MLA SKU: 555599756e406


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October 4th, 2015 10:37am
Reviewed by Aaron Payne
This product is great for any style performer and can fit into any situation of magic with the right way to routine it. As you can see in the picture it packs small, and it also plays big. This is very durable if taken care of properly. It does not come with the silk but I bet you have one laying around some where.

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