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Caution Practical Joker Ahead

by Walstad, Bruce

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Category: Comedy
Media Type: Book
Publisher: Street Smart Communications

Product Description

Imagine the fun you'd have…if you went to pay a restaurant bill and your wallet burst into flames. …if you could drive down the street with a plastic cup sitting on your car roof … and it didn't blow off. …if you could push on a dinner roll, a toy, a computer key, virtually anything … and it squeaked. …if your co-worker could lean against his desk and it would shake, wobble and drop several inches to the floor. …if the napkin under your drink at the bar read, “Good For One Free Drink.” …if your wife opened the bathroom door and a huge cockroach came scurrying out fter her. These and dozens of other hilarious, bizarre things just seem to happen around Bruce Walstad, author of this prankster's primer. Armed with copy of his book, you too can reap the rewards and repercussions of being a master of mischief. Within these pages, you'll discover his victim-tested secrets that can get you into trouble any time, any place…and with surprisingly little effort. From simple gags to elaborate schemes, Bruce Walstad explains everything you need to know about duplicating his successes. Even if you choose not to follow in his errant footsteps, you'll love reading his stories of a cop on the edge…of humor. The book has 112 pages, is perfect bound, forward by Penn Jillette and illustrations by Tony Dunn.

Format: Paperback
Publication Summary: 2001, 102 pp
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003


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