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Safety Magic for Children

by Wagner, Karl

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Category: Childrens
Media Type: Book
Publisher: David Ginn

Product Description

Here is the first textbook on performing safety-message magic, written by a veteran of over 10,000 school shows across the USA. Not only does the author offer you dozens of kidshow routines that are fun and funny, he teaches you how to inject safety messages into many standard tricks and routines.

You'll enjoy reading Karl's patter and stories, plus his philosophy of getting the safety message across to children using magic as the hook. In these pages, you will find enough material to create several complete safety programs. Even if you use only one or two routines in your shows, you'll be a winner with parents and teachers. Contents include Safety First; Opening Grabber; Stop Light Safety; Street Safety; School Yard Equipment; School Bus Safety; Strangers May Hurt You; Bicycle Safety; Shoelace Safety; Police Image; Safety Rules; Poison Can Hurt or Kill; Safety Games; Safety Posters; Sample Programs and Sources and more and more.

Whether you perform for children as a magician, clown, puppeteer or vent, you'll find this a book you will read again and again. Hardbound; 320 pages; 100 photos; 96 line-drawings.
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003


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