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Roughing Sticks

by Robson, Harry

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Vanishing Inc.
Format: Magic Prop

Product Description

Thirty years of research from Harry Robson has led to the exact formula of what we now present: the Roughing Stick. This is a stick of a hard substance and what it does is simply incredible.

When you rub the surface of the stick against a card, it will act as roughing fluid does, only better. The cards stay together in roughed pairs, yet are more easily separated without fumbling whenever you want. The stick leaves NO RESIDUE, and with the roughing stick supplied you can create at least 150 Invisible Decks! This is, for all purposes, a LIFETIME supply. The best part? It's so inexpensive.

Imagine the possibilities Packet tricks, Brainwave, Invisible Deck, and more just got MUCH easier to make, on your own, and many original tricks that would have required a spraying shed or a craftsman to manufacture can now be done at your kitchen table within minutes.

To see just how practical it is, you can watch Harry Robson make an Invisible Deck in less than two minutes in the trailer. It's a great new technology at an unbeatable price.
Date Added: Jul 23rd, 2014
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August 13th, 2014 11:05am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

RATING: 4 of 5 Stars


This is a tremendous product. Using this product, you can create invisible decks, brainwave decks, as well as key cards and other effects where you might need any number of roughed cards.

One of the limitations is you need to apply the roughing stick to both cards for it to work. So, if you are using it for a limited number of cards, you will need to use it with pairs of cards, not a single card.

One of the benefits described in the instruction video is that you can create an entire roughed deck in under three minutes. Harry demonstrates this by creating one in just over two minutes. So, you could carry your roughing stick with you and create an RS deck on the fly.

The roughing stick does not leave a visible residue on the cards, so you are free to hand them out for inspection.

I think this is a must have for anyone serious about card magic. It is not a replacement for other roughing materials,... [Read More]
April 27th, 2016 10:19pm
Reviewed by Doug Cuff
For short-term use, this product is ideal. It's tremendously easy to increase the strength of the grip without overdoing it. If you're like me, you remember overdoing the roughing spray the first time you tried it.

The problem arises over time, and only with some card stocks. About a year after applying a roughing stick to two different types of card stock, I came back.

The first cards were from and had a smooth surface. These cards had next to no grip left. I had to reapply all over again, and who knows how long it will last now?

The second cards were a jumbo Bicycle deck from the older, thicker card stock. I had applied the roughing stick heavily to these cards, because I needed a firm grip. These cards still had an adequate, moderate grip, but it was perceptibly diminished.

I attempted to post this review on, but they clearly took a decision not to allow its publication there. That disappoints me more than the performance of the... [Read More]
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