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Vanishing Pen

by SansMinds

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: SM Productionz

Product Description

It's this simple:


Doing magic with pens has built-in appeal, since everyone carries them, you can borrow them anywhere, and they are uniformly recognized. How AMAZING it is, then, when you can take a pen and wrap it in a napkin. The spectator holds the napkin with the pen VISIBLY dangling beneath. You clap your hands together and...instantly...the pen disappears. This is a practical, astounding illusion with the simplest of objects.
Date Added: Oct 17th, 2013
MLA SKU: 525f8af74f662


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Official Review

April 22nd, 2014 3:40am
Reviewed by Jeff Stone

Vanishing Pen by SansMinds Review:

Eight Minutes, 2 props, 1 DVD and $30 bucks. Is it Gem or is it Rubble?


A Bic style pen is placed in a napkin and vanishes as you crumple up the napkin.


Think Norm Nielsen Vanishing Bottles. It's the same thing, but it's a pen. It's a gimmicked pen that does the work for you. The method is very simple, but requires a little bit of finesse with the handling. Due to the nature of the gimmick, you have to be a little bit careful after you've effected the vanish. If you don't "peek" before showing just the balled up napkin in your hands, you might expose something.

Ad Copy Integrity

The ad copy would be better if they left off the very first phrase, " . . . you vanish a pen WHILE THE SPECTATOR HOLDS IT." That's not true. The spectator cannot hold the pen. They cannot handle the pen. They can hold the napkin while the pen is inside the napkin, but that's... [Read More]

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October 29th, 2014 9:12am
Reviewed by Samuel Prior
This product is quite well produced, comes with 2 gimmicks and a DVD, and is only $29.99. It all sounds good until you mention that the DVD is only 8 minutes and 17 seconds long (not joking!) and the gimmick constantly falls apart!

Let's start with the DVD. As I said, it is only 8 minutes long, which I would be fine with if it explained everything I needed to know about the effect on there, but it didn't! They could have gone into more than one possible routine for the effect, or maybe a live performance of them performing it. The DVD does include a tips and troubleshooting section, which tells you that if your pen starts falling apart, then you should glue it back together again. Isn't that helpful! This shouldn't be a problem in the first place, the gimmick that comes with the product should be well made, and should not have to be stuck together again!

The gimmick as I previously mentioned is not very well made, but they do go on about how it can actually write, and you will... [Read More]

Official Review

September 14th, 2015 5:19am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

My review ratings are not based on ad copy, although I will warn the buyer about ad copy issues. My reviews are based on my opinion of the magic potential with the product.

This is really a very nice prop that could be used in a very strong routine. The prop is similar to the disappearing bottle effects already on the market. However, this is a pen, which in itself creates a unique opportunity for magic.

The pen writes, and when it runs out of ink, you could easily replace the writing tip if you can find a matching pen.

The effect comes with an un-gimmicked pen and a gimmicked pen. This lends itself very well to a routine where the participant uses the un-gimmicked pen and then the gimmicked pen is made to disappear. The gimmicked pen is very high quality and looks very realistic.


The ad copy talks about the effect happening in the spectators hands. I think it would be possible to wrap the pen in a tissue, place it in the participant’s hand, in a... [Read More]

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