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Perspectives on Magic

by Peter Prevos

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Categories: Philosophy, History
Media Types: Book, eBook
Publisher: Third Hemisphere Publishing

Product Description

When watching a magician the question that is most pressing on people’s minds is how did he do it?This is not the only question that can be asked of a magic performance. A psychologists might ask why it is possible that the mind can be deceived, occupational therapists are interested in how performing magic tricks can help people with physical disabilities and sociologists research the subculture of magicians.

This book explores some answers to the questions that scholars from different fields of science have asked about the performances of magicians. For magicians this book provides new perspectives on their performance art. For people with only a passive interest in magic, this book provides an insight into a quaint performance art that is surrounded in secrecy and clichés.
Date Added: Sep 11th, 2013
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Official Review

October 7th, 2013 3:14pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
I wasn't sure what to expect when Peter asked me to review this. I had seen the cover and read a short description when it first hit the market. A young boy with a top hat on the cover didn't entice me. I was also afraid it was going to be another book just rehashing the modern fascination with how magic affects the brain.

So in my email to Peter, before agreeing to review this book, I mentioned that I had a background in physics and engineering. He responded with a note that he is also an engineer, but that the book has a "strong social science focus."

Now I was interested…

I never thought I would be highlighting lines and, in some cases, entire paragraphs in a book like this… but the book is now full of them.

I may be the perfect audience for this type of book, but I believe any magician will find useful insights contained in these pages.

In considering what I was going to write about the book, an idea dawned on me. There are (at least) two... [Read More]

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