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Gibeciere #10 (Summer 2010)

by Minch, Stephen

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Category: History
Media Type: Periodical
Format: Paperback

Product Description

For our spectacular tenth issue, we hear from a familiar voice, welcome a celebrated new contributor, and unearth a centuries-old manuscript that turns the entire timeline of magic history on its ear.

First, Barry Wiley chronicles the remarkable Nellie Bly, considered the first female journalist, and her shrewd exposure of fraudulent supernatural performers in early 20th Century America.

Next we hear from the prolific Joshua Jay, who gives us a morbidly fascinating catalog of magicians who have met with tragic ends in the pursuit of their art. Chung Ling Soo’s death is well-chronicled, but these magicians’ stories are equally (and just as eerily) compelling.

Finally, Conjuring Arts has uncovered a 17th Century Italian manuscript whose contents both shed light on and call into question the timeline of many well-known conjuring tricks. Lori Pieper once again provides the English translation, and Stephen Minch and William Kalush give context and commentary.
Date Added: Dec 15th, 2010
MLA SKU: yI4dCsuaEcnZpPa


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