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Malini Egg Bag

by Bob White

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Category: General
Media Type: DVD

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"When it comes to performing magic's classic Egg Bag, Bob White is the MASTER. In this video Bob teaches the techniques, management and psychology to effectively perform the Malini Egg Bag. He reveals information that has previously been shared with only a select few. If you are considering a routine with the Egg Bag, or if it's in your current repertoire, Bob's approach to this classic of magic will be invaluable to you. Bob certainly helped me, and he can help you as well."
- Eric DeCamps

"I was astounded the first time I saw Bob White perform his unique and astonishing version of the Egg Bag. This is the Real Work from a modern master, who - like John Thompson and Harry Riser - carries the magical torch of the Egg Bag directly from its origins, from Max Malini to Charlie Miller to Bob, and now to us. I have but one complaint: I am thrilled to have Bob's work; I just hate sharing it with everyone else!"
- Jamy Ian Swiss

"Ignore the fact that Bob white is an ornery Texas cuss, when he picks up that Egg Bag, he creates exquisite magic that will take your breath away."
- Max Maven

"Bob White reveals his most cherished secret in magic! His entire underground Egg Bag routine - explained with all its subtleties and touches - is taught in complete detail. On this video you will learn the REAL WORK from the master himself. This Egg Bag routine is the best I have ever seen. I predict Bob's handling will once again start an Egg Bag revolution among performers every where. Thanks Bob for making this video on a true claissic of magic!"
- Bill Malone

Running Time Approximately 1hr 10min
Date Added: Mar 27th, 2008


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January 27th, 2009 10:44am
Reviewed by James Sanden
Bob White, a talented magician from Texas, has been performing magic for decades, and counts among his mentors some of the greatest magicians of this century. His repertoire includes a number of classics of magic, which he performs brilliantly. In recent years Mr. White has began producing educational DVD’s, covering palming cards, the cups and balls, the linking rings, and the torn and restored napkin. Every DVD he has produced has received rave reviews that speak to the level of detail and perfection that Mr. White brings to these effects.

The Malini Egg Bag DVD is no exception.

While Mr. White was inspired by the method taught to him by his mentor, Charlie Miller, over decades of performance he has altered the approach quite a bit. His handling is very deceptive, entertaining, flows wonderfully as a routine, and can be performed for an audience of almost any size and age. It’s obvious that he has performed the effect thousands of times and the level of detail and... [Read More]
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