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Reel Magic Quarterly Episode 4 (Bill Malone) Review

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December 9th, 2009 5:18pm
Reviewed by Jeff Stone
This started out as Reel Magic Quarterly, but it's now called Reel Magic Magazine. They've added 2 more DVDs per year. The subtext of Reel Magic is TV For "Magicians." And that's exactly what it delivers.

If there were an all magic all the time cable channel, this would be it. It ranges everywhere from interviews to free tricks, to product reviews to tips and tricks for improving your magic, even magic commercials.

Six times per year, you will receive a DVD and while you watch it, you will feel like you're watching a day time talk show with the host interviewing celebrities, celebrities like Mark Wilson, Jay Sankey, Jonathan Pendragon, Bill Malone, Jason Alexander, Paul Harris, Harry Lorayne, and a ton more. The craziest thing is the price. It's only $55.00. $55.00 for 6 DVDs. Not to mention that each DVD teaches at least 3 different tricks.

No matter what level you are at in your magic career or hobby, you must subscribe to this. You'll learn more about the art and history of magic, about what made some of the most successful magicians of our time and times past. You'll learn new tricks, new tips on how to improve your magic.

Garrett Thomas has a section on there entitled Try This At Home. It's excellent. It gives little pointers and practice techniques to help you become a better magician and a better actor, and an overall better performer. You've got John Lovick and Andrew Pinard as the Hosts/Interviewers of the celebrities. Always awesome!

Simon Lovell's Rant will definitely get your juices flowing. Jon Armstrong's Small Things, Big Difference will help you fine-tune your skills and practice better. David Regal waxes poetic as he reviews the latest products in magicdom. Wayne Kawamoto's DVD reviews and interviews are always excellent.

This one is a definite GEM. If you don't subscribe already, go to Reel Magic Magazine or to your favorite magic dealer and get on board.
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John Lovick - Bill Malone on his Life & Magic
John talks to the CEO of Comedy Magic, Bill Malone

Andrew Pinard - Continuum
Todd Robbins, performer and Deen of the Coney Island Sideshow school, talks about the workd of the Sideshow, how to make performances meaningful and expresses his concerns about the future


Jon Armstrong - Small Things, Big Difference
Little things that will make a BIG difference in your magic

Simon Lovell - Simon said IT!
Flourishes: magic or juggling?

Garrett Thomas with Try This At Home
The Effects of adding emotion to your magic


David Regal - Tricks of the Trade

Wayne Kawamoto - Choice Cuts
A conversation with the legendary Mark Wilson including a look at his new DVD set The Magic Circus

Bonus Tricks:

Bill Malone's "Thinking Main;s Sponge Ball Routine". from the new three DVD set Bill Malone: Here I Go Again! published by L & L Publishing!

Lonnie Chevrie's "A Stab in the Dark", from the DVD set that includes Wanted!: The Outlaw Magic of Lonnie Chevrie published by KozmoMagic

Justin Millers' "3 Card Melody" - A ReelMagic Quarterly exclusive

Cameron Francis' "Cagey" - from the DVD set The Omega Mutation published by Big Blind Media

Running Time Approximately 120min

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