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Psychic's Credit Card Review

Official Review

November 12th, 2008 8:39am
Reviewed by Christian
Menny Lindenfeld’s Psychic Credit card is a lot of fun. He has combined a very clever gimmick with a Bank night theme. The gimmick is the credit card. It looks very much like an ordinary credit card and I believe it will pass muster with most audiences. It really does look like an ordinary credit card. The challenge of the performer will be in the handling of that card. Too much heat on it and a very perceptive spectator might question it.

The concept and gimmick of this trick is not what I have a problem with, it is the presentation offered by Menny. It seems to fall back on the old . . . let’s make a bet with the spectator and win free drinks! “Ha ha, I win you lose.” I am sure this sounds great to many young street magicians/mentalists or performers with severe social issues but to magical performers, this lowers his very clever idea to a sophomoric stunt.

There really is so much more you could do with this effect. Way more!! Menny’s presentation ideas barely scratch the surface. The first thing I would suggest is moving away from this dreadful bank night theme. There are many stories that one could relay while still finding the missing bill or whatever. Along with that idea, when the heat is taken off the idea that the spectator might win money, there will be less “heat” on the gimmick.

The booklet that comes with the effect is first class all the way, a very nice touch indeed. I do tire of the folded up 8 and half by 11 black and white sheets of paper crammed into plastic bag that I get with many effects. (just a personal bias)

So in the end, this is a very well constructed gimmick, great packaging, but inferior presentation that can be overcome by thoughtful and experience performers.
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Product info for Psychic's Credit Card

Author: Menny Lindenfeld
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $43.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

A Credit Card for the Real Psychic

An amazing concept from the mind of Menny Lindenfeld: a credit card for the real psychic! They'll swear you're PSYCHIC!

Suggest a bet: let a spectator hide a banknote in one of a few UNMARKED envelopes. If you perform in a pub or restaurant, let him hide it under beer coasters, or napkins. Your task will be to FIND THE BILL or face dire consequences - losing your hard-earned cash. If you win, the next round is on him.

Being so sure of your psychic abilities, you decide to add your very own credit card to the stake. The stage is set. Concentrate for a moment and always be able to FIND THE BILL, WIN THE WAGER, & GET THE FREE DRINKS!

Instead of finding a single hidden bill you can also IDENTIFY the values of MULTIPLE BILLS or even detect other objects - PERSONAL CHECKS, business cards, certain finger rings, and more... limited only by your imagination.

How does in work?

A special credit card will do all the work for you. Remaining in view during the whole performance and looking just like a normal credit card, Psychic's Credit Card™ will signal you the location of the bill.

  • Original concept
  • Simple and quick setup
  • Perform anywhere and fully surrounded
  • Credit card remains in full view during entire performance
  • No switches
  • No electronics
  • Illustrated instructions with a wide range of performance methods

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